Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thing 11

I haven't heard of social bookmarking before, so this was a new exercise for me. My immediate reaction was one of incredulity. We live in a society where people are increasingly disconnected in person, but we form online communities for everything--and now we even form communities to help each other find websites! Presumably, there is some advantage in finding websites using a social bookmarking site, rather than simply using a search engine. I'm not entirely clear what the advantage would be, except that it eliminates the commercial aspect common to sites like Google and Bing.

In any case, I plunged in and looked around. I searched with tags in my field of study, but didn't find many new sites. I was able to sign in, since I have a Yahoo account, and set up some bookmarks of my own, but honestly, I doubt I will go back to the site. I prefer to use my favorites tab on my browser, rather than having to not only visit, but log in to yet another website.

Aside from sharing information on websites they have found, I don't see much here that would help in the classroom.


  1. Something to consider is that you can set up a list of sites that you share with students. So instead of making a web page from scratch, you could tag pages you like and then share this one link with students. Also, students could tag sites for a research project they are doing and turn in the link of the tagged sites as part of the project. I can judge how serious a person is about the research she/he is doing on a project by looking at the quality of his/her links.

    I will say this...of all the 23 Things, this was the one Thing that I said to myself, I'm not too sure about this. But now I love it. I tag sites and then can access the sites on any computer I use. That's nice.

  2. I love this Thing. I work on a variety of machines at any given moment and I having my bookmarks at my fingertips on all them is very handy. I also share sites with lots of people. Using a social bookmarking site is saving me lots of time in emailing people individually when I locate a new site.