Monday, March 15, 2010

Thing 18

I have posted to Wikis previously, so I am familiar with this task.

While perusing Wikipedia for this Thing, I discovered that many articles now encourage you to post recommendations for changing an article to a discussion page, so that the idea can be discussed before a change is made. This allows the community to reach concensus on changes (community concensus being one of Wikipedia's current stated goals/policies) before they are made and reduce the number of changes. The more changes there are to the article itself, the more cumbersome it becomes to track the changes and development in thinking through the history page. I made a recommendation on one such discussion page for a TV show I watch.

I then ambled over to Wikia, which was new territory for me. I liked that it is still a young community without the ponderous weight that I now feel on Wikipedia, which is trying to prove itself, in some indefineable way. Wikia is lighter, more entertaining and less structured. On some articles I looked at, it even has a section of the month, which people are encouraged to edit in order to improve the article piece by piece. I edited a piece on another TV show I watch, mostly for grammer and spelling.

Both wikis were easy to navigate and edit. I signed up for an account on each site, because when you post a change, if you don't have a username, the site puts your IP address up on the history page.

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  1. I didn't spend a lot of time in Wikia, but I was lost. Give me Wikipedia any day!