Friday, March 12, 2010

Thing 15

Screencasting is an interesting way to capture action on your computer screen and use or share it. Here's a little screencast I made:

This program is easy to use and could have multiple applications for personal and professional projects. Of course the temptation to latch on to copyrighted material is great. This program makes it easy to capture anything you can do on your computer. I confess I experimented and was able to capture video streams and other materials which are, of course, designed not to be downloaded.

There is a constant tension between what can be done with computers and what should be done. There is a tension between what is possible and what is legal. As Michael Wesch remarked in his video, "The Anthropology of the Internet, which I recently blogged about, questions of ownership, copyright, etc. will have to be rethought as the web becomes more interactive, and programs like screencast make it virtually impossible to protect materials from being reused by others.

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  1. You make some excellent points about ownership and copyright. This is an issue that weighs heavy on my mind with this project. The images and examples I use have to be my own - I am modeling for my students, colleagues, and anyone who happens upon my blog.