Friday, March 12, 2010

Thing 14

Voice Thread is a cool tool. I like the way it is built around sharing images and our thoughts about those images. In some ways it is an iconic program for digital natives, since it invokes visual and verbal literacy, rather than simply textual literacy. I have no proof, but I would guess that the folks who type their comments are older than the folks who record their comments. This program also has the virtue of being simple to use.

I could see using this program in my professional life for prayer services, rather than in classroom settings. I found an example of the Stations of the Cross created by an elementary teacher and her students, with homemade drawings and personal voice overs. The format allowed the students to integrate the symbolic dimensions of faith with modern technology. I think it is a terrific tool for engaging students in their faith on a personal level and allowing them to express the results in a medium that is comfortable for them.


  1. Thank you for embedding the Voicethread. It's a good one. I don't think the teacher needed to included the "coloring book" pictures. I prefer the student artwork. (The line drawings are probably copyrighted too.)

  2. Thanks for sharing this VoiceThread. I noticed a nice use of cross grade collaboration with the readings.

  3. Dino, my guess is that she gave the students a choice to color a picture or do their own drawing, which is why she includes both. Regarding the line drawings--there is a good chance she does not have copyright issues. There are many websites for religious education for use in Sunday schools and catechism classes that provide "coloring book" pictures for free use. People draw them and post them on their sites and allow others to print and use them as often as they like.