Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thing 13

I love YouTube. I've used it forever. I have found many videos on Youtube that I was able to use for class. It is easy to search for just the right videos. I also use YouTube to follow global events. The benefit of watching raw video footage and international newscasts and commentaries is an invaluable benefit of YouTube. On a more prosaic level, I occasionally watch a TV show I have missed on YouTube.

While I use Discovery Streaming occasionally, there are not many videos on that site that are useful for my classes. The selection is exponentially smaller and many of the videos feel dated. While one has to screen the videos on YouTube carefully, I can often find videos reflecting themes of justice, prayer, spirituality, etc. which are excellent for prayer services or class. Videos produced by other young people have a contemporary feel and relevancy to my students. They allow them to see what is possible and expose them to new ways of constructing and sharing information. My students enjoy the way music is incorporated into video.

The video embedded below was created by a high school student. He shared what he had learned in his social justice class in a cartoon format. I think my students would revel in such a project.

While working on this Thing, I signed up for a YouTube account. Perhaps I will post a video myself!


  1. I agree...using a YouTube video in a classroom setting seems to turn an autoatic switch on in students to tune in.

  2. I think these sites may be what you are looking for in creating timelines....